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The following dogs are available for adoption through GSRSV. Some are at the rescue ranch, some are in foster homes and some are with their owners or caretakers working with GSRSV. For further information about these dogs, please call Brian Foran at 916-655-3125 or e-mail him at (Note: dogs that were recently adopted will be moved to the very bottom of this page and will have an "Adopted" banner above their profiles.) For information about the adoption process and fees, please see How to Adopt a Dog from GSRSV/Adoption Fees.

What is a "Program Dog?"
Some dogs' descriptions state that "GSRSV has evaluated (name) and is placing (him, her) as a Program Dog." This means that the dog is still in the custody  of its guardian, but that GSRSV is placing the dog through its adoption program. The same adoption process and adoption fee apply to these dogs as to those in GSRSV's custody, and the same 2-week money-back period and lifetime take-back policy also apply. 

This picture appears next to dogs that have proven themselves to be cat-friendly. 


The flag appears above the pictures of dogs that GSRSV is placing for military families who are forced to find new homes for their dogs due to deployments. Please show your support for our service men and women by adopting or fostering their dogs!

This page was last modified June 20, 2018.

Note: The dogs on this page--other than those added within one week--are  listed alphabetically, rather than in chronological order. I list the dogs this way because too many people overlook the dogs that have been listed for awhile, thinking (erroneously) that there must be something wrong with a dog that hasn't been adopted after a few months.  

This page was last modified 06/20/18.

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Owner Recently had Heart Bypass Surgery--
Can No Longer Properly Care for His GSD!

"Cooper" is a friendly, easy-going 9-yo (born 10-2-09) neutered male GSD with a great temperament. Cooper is about as chill a GSD as I've ever met--just tail wags and smiles. He didn't even object to me rubbing off the dirt from his belly with a towel before he left--something even some of my own dogs would squirm away from.

Cooper is good with people of all ages, and he especially enjoys playing with children.

Cooper is great with other dogs, as can be seen from the photos of him and the resident GSRSV dogs.  (Click here for a video.) Cooper has always been an only dog, but his owner Thomas clearly socialized him well. Though 9-yrs old, Cooper tried to engage Buddy in play!

Cooper is NOT good with cats.

Cooper is housetrained, but spends most of his time outdoors, including at night. In cold and rainy weather, Thomas brings him inside. It would be nice for Cooper to spend his golden years in the comforts of a house!

Cooper is well trained, but no obedience command star. He walks fine on leash, unless he sees a cat--then he's off to the races.

Cooper is in good health, with one caveat: he is seriously overweight--approx 25-30 lbs overweight in my opinion. (I'm guessing he weighs about 110 lbs.) He walks OK, but just the 30 minutes or so of walking around at GSRSV's rescue ranch wore him out. He is not able to jump into the back of Thomas' Chrysler Pacifica; he can get his front paws up, but then Thomas needs to lift him the rest of the way--no easy feat.

I can't emphasize how important for Cooper's longevity it will be for whoever adopts Cooper to work off his excess weight and build up his stamina. It will take diligence and discipline, as Cooper does like to eat!

Thomas raised Cooper from a little pup. He is only seeking a new home for Cooper because he had heart bypass surgery two weeks ago and does not have the strength now to properly exercise Cooper.

GSRSV has evaluated Cooper and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Cooper through its adoption program while his owner continues to care for him.

Cooper is located in Lincoln. His adoption fee is $160.

Posted 6-15-18

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"Apollo L" is a handsome, 80-lb, 2-yo neutered male GSD who is very sociable and playful. Apollo loves human companionship and is friendly with everyone he meets. He has not been around really young children that we know of, but I have every reason to believe the he'll be very good with them.

Apollo is great with other dogs. He was perfectly behaved around several other dogs at GSRSV's rescue ranch. (Click here for video.)

Apollo is NOT good with cats, so we will only consider a home without cats for him.

Apollo is housetrained and spent his first year as a house dog. He has been kept outdoors over the past year due to allergies suffered by one of his caretakers. I'm not sure how Apollo is on leash as his caretakers do not walk him but rather let him roam on their three acres. Apollo is not great about responding to basic commands, but is surely out of practice. Apollo rides well in a car and likes to go for rides.

Apollo loves to play fetch and is good about bringing the ball back. He apparently likes to swim, as he went right into the pond at GSRSV's rescue ranch (see video).

Matthew, the son of Apollo's caretakers, adopted him from a friend at about 3-4 months when the friend was told by his parents that he could not have a dog after bringing him home. Matthew began attending dental school in Southern California about a year ago and left Apollo with his parents. Though they are both fond of Apollo they do not have time to devote to him and again, one of them is allergic to dogs.

Because Apollo is left outside, he's become quite bored and has found a way to get off the property. Though he simply goes to the first person he finds, it has created a difficult situation for his caretakers and so they have sought GSRSV's assistance in rehoming him.

GSRSV has evaluated Apollo and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Apollo through its adoption program while his guardians continue to care for him. (Note: GSRSV originally posted Apoillo for adoption on 6-30-17 but removed him on 10-24-17 when Apollo's caretaker asked me to. He has since requested that I re-post him.)

Apollo is located in Elk Grove. His adoption fee is $260.

Re-posted 1-21-18

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"Athena" is a beautiful, 65-lb, 3-4 yo spayed female GSD who is playful, energetic and devoted. With her sable coat, Athena appears to be a classic East European working-type GSD, and her energy and prey drive certainly back that up.

Athena is very friendly with people, including strangers. She is great with children and was fine with a 5-yr old child hugging her.

Athena is good with medium and large dogs, and is good buddies with the male GSD she lives with. She was great w/ the several GSDs she met at GSRSV's rescue ranch. (Click here for a video of Athena with those dogs.)  However, Athena is NOT good with small dogs; she will go after them like they are rabbits.

Athena is also not good with cats or livestock.

Athena is housetrained, but spends most of her time outside with her male GSD friend. She has received some basic obedience training and responds to basic commands in German. When it's time for walks, Athena does pull strongly at first, but settles down quickly. She is excitable and will jump up on you out of affection if you're not firm with her.

Athena loves to play fetch and is good about bringing the ball back. She also loves water and to swim.

Athena's owners Glenda & Todd purchased her from a private party in Chico about two years ago. Athena has been a valued member of their family, but they have always had to keep her separate from their little dogs. Recently, Athena was able to get to Glenda's Chihuahua and attacked it (fortunately, the wounds weren't bad). Fearing a similar incident, they've sought GSRSV's assistance in rehoming her.

GSRSV has evaluated Athena and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Athena through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her.

Athena is located in Oakdale. Her adoption fee is $210.

Posted 3-13-18

"Buddy" is a 3½-yo neutered male GSD mix who is well-tempered, affectionate and playful. Buddy is friendly with everyone he meets. He loves attention and to receive belly rubs. He likes being around kids and is gentle with young children, as shown in the 2nd picture from top at left.

Buddy is good with other dogs. He presently lives with two male GSDs (Thor & Roscoe) who he gets along with great. Buddy likes to emulate what Thor and Roscoe do. If they get up and go outside he will follow. When he is with them on their routine romps at the creek he will not run off to the water until one of the others does. (Click here for a video.)

Buddy is not good with cats.

Buddy is housetrained and exceptionally well-behaved inside. He has been inside for up to 12 hours with no accidents!

Buddy walks well on leash and has good recall off-leash. He is very good in crowds and around strangers.

Buddy rides well in a car and gets very excited when it comes time for a trip. He enjoys splashing in water, but I never saw him swim when he was at GSRSV's rescue ranch.

GSRSV rescued Buddy from the Stanislaus County Shelter on March 3, 2017.

Buddy's adoption fee is $210. He is presently in a foster home in Elk Grove.

Posted 4-28-18; updated 5-4-18.


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"Koda" is a very loving, energetic and protective 5-yo neutered male longcoat GSD mix (perhaps mixed w/ Chow or Finnish Lapphund). He always wants to be near you, touching you or just watching you with his loving gaze. Koda is friendly with strangers on neutral ground and when properly introduced, but does not take kindly to workers in the yard or unintroduced guests—he has nipped a few people (usually from behind). Koda is fine with children, but he is protective of both food and toys, so a home with children under 10 is not advised. 

Koda is a "mixed bag" with other dogs. On the one hand, he was a great playmate with a female Pit Bull for a few years and did OK w/ most of the greeting dogs at GSRSV's rescue ranch most of the time he was there to be evaluated. (Click here for a video of Koda walking harmoniously w/ some of those dogs.) On the other hand, Koda displayed aggression to a few of the GSRSV greeting dogs and is generally reactive towards other dogs when on leash. It's my strong belief that Koda's aggressive behavior was out of protectiveness of his owner Nicole. I was able to call off Koda each time he tried to stir things up w/ one of my dogs, but I don’t think that Nicole or her husband have established clear authority w/ Koda to be able to do this. 

It's clear that Koda lacks socialization towards other dogs, which in turn is mostly due to his owners' hesitancy to take him to dog parks and similar canine social settings. It's my belief that Koda just needs some firm guidance and redirection w/ other dogs, but it will definitely entail some work.  

Koda chases cats and other small animals, so we will only consider a home without cats for him.   

Koda is fully housetrained and never a problem inside the house. He received three months of formal training in a resident training kennel to try to address his nipping issues, on-leash reactions to other dogs and improve his response to commands; the training was somewhat successful, but there was little follow-up. 

Koda pulls somewhat when on leash, so his owners use a choke collar. Koda would probably do much better on leash with an authoritative handler. He likes to go for car rides and is a good passenger.  

Koda loves to chase after balls, but does not always return them to you. He also loves "stuffies."

Koda's owners adopted him from a family that was fostering him for some people who found him abandoned in a campground in Arnold when he was about 1 yr old. While Koda's owners are attached to him, they didn't think he would do well with their expectant baby due to his food and object possessiveness. Nicole brought Koda to her parents' house in Rancho Murietta about 1½ yrs ago, just before she had her baby. It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement, so now Nicole is seeking a new, permanent home for Koda.

GSRSV has evaluated Koda and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Koda through its adoption program while his caregiver continues to care for him.

Koda is located in Rancho Murietta. His adoption fee is $210.

Posted 2-27-17

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"Luci" is a large (about 85 lbs), 5-yo (born 11-16-12) spayed female GSD/Lab who is friendly, energetic, and somewhat hard-headed. Luci's father was a purebred  GSD and her mother a purebred Labrador Retriever. Luci is great with people, though she does alarm bark appropriately when people come to the door. Luci is great with kids, and grew up w/ a 1-yo girl (now 6) as well as two other children now 11 & 9.

Luci is great with other dogs for the most part, and lives harmoniously with a 14-yo female Lab. She was also excellent with several dogs at GSRSV's rescue ranch. (Click here to see a video of her running among the other dogs.) However, Luci is very protective of her territory towards other dogs, and will charge at--and in some cases fight with--dogs near her house if she gets out.   

Luci is not good with cats.

Luci is housetrained and well-behaved in the house for the most part, but she will get up on counters if there is food within reach and she is not supervised. Luci received obedience training when she was 1 yr old, and obeys basic commands. However, she could use some off-leash training to improve her recall.

Luci pulls fairly hard on leash--nothing that the 11-yo and 9-yo kids can't handle, but she's far too strong for the 6-yo.

Luci enjoys going for car rides and travels well. She likes to swim and play fetch.

Luci's owners have had her since she was a puppy. Though they are very attached to her, Luci's propensity for dashing out the door when given the opportunity (especially by their 6-yo daughter) has created too many "situations" and her owners are worried that she might hurt another dog or get hit by a car. Reluctantly, they are seeking a new home for her through GSRSV.

[Note from GSRSV: with proper training and firm leadership, I'm certain that Luci's "door dashing" would be resolved.]

GSRSV has evaluated Lucy and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Luci through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her.

Luci is located in Folsom. Her adoption fee is $160.

Posted 12-16-17

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Adoption Pending!

"Sheba" is an approx 5-yo spayed female GSD who is sweet, smart and well-behaved. Sheba is very friendly with visitors to her house and greets them calmly. She is also fine with young children.

Sheba has done very well with the male GSD mix and the female Husky that she lives with--she loves to play! Sheba also did well with the dogs she was introduced to at the shelter she was formerly at.

Sheba has not been around cats since we rescued her from the shelter, so we are seeking a home WITHOUT CATS for her.

Sheba is housetrained and has never had an accident in her foster home, which does have a dog door. She has access to the house when her foster caretaker is gone, and she is very well behaved inside. She does not try to bolt out the front door when it is opened.

Sheba is well-mannered and obeys basic commands such as "sit", "stay" and "heel." She does like to lead when on leash, but otherwise has great leash manners. Sheba enjoys going for car rides and is a polite passenger. 

GSRSV rescued Sheba from the Stanislaus County Shelter on May 2, 2018. After she was spayed, she was delivered directly to her present foster home. 

Sheba's adoption fee is $210. She is located in Antelope.

Posted 6-14-18

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"Sparky" is a super-cute, 50-lb, 1½-yo neutered male GSD mix who is attentive, playful and affectionate. Sparky is friendly with both adults and children, on and off his territory. He takes a little time to warm up to strangers, but is fine with them after he's acquainted. In spite of Sparky's friendliness he is a very good watchdog.

Sparky does great with other dogs and is a regular visitor to the local dog park, where he seeks the dogs who like to play and chase. He was easy-going w/ the dogs he met at GSRSV's rescue ranch right from the start. (Click here for a video of Sparky romping around w/ the other dogs.)

Sparky is NOT good with cats.

Sparky is housetrained but his people keep him outdoors primarily; they let him inside when they're home, but generally not for very long. Sparky sleeps outside for the most part, but his owner admits Sparky would prefer to be inside on his bed if he let him.

Sparky is well-behaved and apparently received basic obedience training in his former home. He responds to the commands "sit, stay, shake, lie down and come."  Sparky loves to go for walks; he does pull somewhat on the leash but he's still learning to walk "nice." Sparky is not overly-reactive towards other dogs he sees on walks.

Sparky loves car rides and jumps right in. He likes to run after a ball, but is not much into bringing it back. Sparky does not appear to have been around swimming holes before, as he was cautious of the pond at GSRSV's rescue ranch--though it appeared like he wanted to go in.

Sparky's people adopted him from the Stanislaus County Shelter in Modesto on March 31, 2018. Though Sparky has been a great dog for his family, they were not allowed to have dogs at their rental property and a neighbor (also a tenant of the same landlord) complained. The landlord has since told them to find another home for Sparky.

GSRSV has evaluated Sparky and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Sparky through its adoption program while his owners continue to care for him. (We're not sure how much time their landlord is going to give them, though.)

Sparky is located in Modesto. His adoption fee is $210.

Posted 6-3-18

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"Tessa" is a 9-yr, 9-mos old (born 12-12-07) spayed female GSD who is sweet, family oriented and protective. Tessa is fine meeting strangers on neutral ground, but at home she needs to have a formal introduction--usually involving treats. Tessa was raised with very young children and did fine with them, but now that she's 10 yrs old she would probably be better matched with older kids who are mature enough to respect Tessa's personal space.

Tessa is fine with other dogs, both large and small, and does well at dog parks. (Click here for a short video of Tessa on leash encountering two other dogs at a park.) Tessa has always been an only dog, however, and has never met a dog on her own turf. However, since her new home will not be her own turf at first, I don't foresee any problems with Tessa in a home w/ another dog.

Tessa has never been around cats, so we will only consider homes without cats for her.

Tessa is fully housetrained and remains inside during the day when her present owner is away at work. She sleeps on a dog bed in her owner's bedroom.

Tessa is good on leash and does not get overly excited when she sees other dogs--maybe a slight pull on the leash, but she immediately responds to verbal correction. She never received formal obedience training, but is responsive to multiple commands.

Tessa loves to play catch, to swim, and to go for car rides.

Tessa is reportedly in good health, but her owner Michelle states that she walks slowly, has more or less become a couch potato, and needs a ramp to get in the car. Michelle also states that Tessa weighs approx 110 lbs--which is WAY overweight and likely accounts for Tessa's lack of vitality. I have seen this with many, many German Shepherds--especially the old ones. If Tessa weighed about 80 lbs, she would be a completely different dog. Imagine walking around all day with a 30-lb backpack! Whoever adopts Tessa must be serious about reducing Tessa's weight considerably--and to not give in to those begging eyes! 

Michelle purchased Tessa from a breeder in Illinois when she was a young pup. She is going through a divorce after ten years, and has been unable to find affordable rental housing suitable for her and her two kids that will accept Tessa. Michelle will likely have to be out of her house by early November.

GSRSV has evaluated Tessa and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Tessa through its adoption program while her owner continues to care for her.

Tessa is located in Sparks, NV.  Her adoption fee is $110.

Posted 9-26-17

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OK with Cats!
is a loveable, energetic, 60 lb 5-yo spayed female Terrier/GSD mix with lots of personality. Zoe is friendly with strangers, but is also a good watchdog. (She barks at people who enter the home, but does not approach them aggressively.) Zoe is fine with children, but nervous around toddlers, so no kids under 4 yrs for Zoe.

Zoe is great with other dogs for the most part, but can be somewhat bossy with alpha female dogs, so it's best that Zoe be paired with a male dog. She is presently living with a male Pit Bull mix that she plays with constantly--and plays hard! Zoe is good with small dogs and spent a good amount of time in the same house as a small dog who she let boss her around. Zoe is good at the dog park.

Contrary to Zoe's previous Web profile, she is OK with cats! She was in a foster home with cats for three weeks early 2016 while she was recovering from knee surgery, and her foster caretaker at the time often had Zoe around her cats without a problem. Now, Zoe is back at her regular foster home, where Zoe does fine around the two resident cats when they are inside. Once the cats go outside, it’s a different story: Zoe will corner them and bark at them, though that is the extent of her harassment. Regina, Zoe's foster caretaker, thinks she would do fine with a dog savvy indoor cat. Though Zoe might be somewhat annoying to a cat, she has given us no reason to believe that she'd hurt one.

On the other hand, Zoe does has a very strong prey drive and loves to chase after squirrels, birds, and other outdoor critters. 

Zoe is great in the house and exhibits no separation anxiety when left alone. (She was previously an only dog in an apartment, in which she was left for several hours each day by herself.) She is fine on leash, but does pull hard when she sees a cat or squirrel.

Zoe is a quick learner and obeys numerous commands. She is even trained to relieve herself on command! She has good recall off-leash, unless she's spotted a small critter to chase. 

Zoe loves to play fetch w/ a ball or Frisbee and to play chase in an open field. More than anything, she loves to swim and to snap at the water stream from a hose. (Click here for a video of Zoe swimming in the pond at GSRSV's rescue ranch.) 

GSRSV originally rescued Zoe in April 2012 from a woman who could no longer keep her due to a forced move from her home. Zoe was adopted by a young couple in Nov 2013. The couple had to return Zoe in Nov 2015 due to a death in the family and a subsequent move into the house of one of the parents. 

Zoe is presently in a foster home in East Sacramento. Her adoption fee is $175, which includes a microchip.

Posted 12-7-15; updated 7-11-16

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"Zorro" is a 3 1/2-yr old (born 10-11-14) neutered male Malamute or Siberian Husky/GSD who is very outgoing, friendly and playful. Zorro loves human attention. He does fine with the 8-yr old girl he lives with, who says he's a "great, fun dog." Zorro gets very mouthy and physical when he gets excited, so he might overwhelm younger children. However, it's likely these rough habits of his can be trained to softer behaviors over time. He does have a soft side to him, as he loves cuddles and kisses!

Zorro gets along well with the two large female dogs he lives with and rough houses with one of them constantly. (Click here for a video.) Zorro spent over a year at GSRSV's rescue ranch, and was always good w/ the other dogs there.

Zorro responds well to basic commands and correction. He is eager to please and lives for praise, so he's highly trainable. However, he does have the some of the stubbornness and lack of focus of Malamutes and Huskies. He is very vocal and barks/howls when excited, concerned, or just feels like talking; this is also typical of the Nordic breeds. 

Zorro is quite playful and athletic, and will do best in a home in which he receives lots of exercise and training reinforcement.

GSRSV took Zorro in on Jan 31, 2016, from a family who adopted Zorro from some friends of theirs but couldn't keep him due to his mouthiness. (Zorro was still quite the puppy at that time.)

Zorro is in a foster home in Oakdale. His adoption fee is $210.

Posted 4-28-18; updated 5-5-18

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Adopted 6-16-18!

"Bailey" is a petite (50 lbs), approx 5-yo female GSD mix who is exceptionally sweet,  mellow and people-oriented. Bailey is friendly with strangers and even gave me a kiss when I first met her in the cab of the truck she arrived in. Bailey is a very loyal dog and gazes lovingly at her male caretaker. Though Bailey has yet to be around young children, it's a certainty that she will be good with them--she's very gentle.

Bailey is fine with other dogs, though her focus is on people rather than canines. She was timid around the barking dogs at GSRSV's rescue ranch, but not what I call fearful. (Click here for a video of her walking amongst the barkers.) Bailey did well at a dog park. She gets along great with three of the four dogs she presently lives with--all smaller dogs about 25 lbs. The female Border Collie-Lab, however, doesn't particularly care for Bailey, though no fault of Bailey's.

Bailey was boarded at a veterinarian's office for one week, and did fine with the cat who resides there. So, I can say with some measure of confidence that Bailey is good with cats.

Bailey is housetrained and non-destructive in the house. She is comfortable staying in a crate for long periods of time. (Her caretakers work full-time and keep Bailey in a crate while they're gone, with a pet-sitter walking her once or twice during the day.)

Bailey appears to have received some basic obedience training, as she does sit on command. However, she doesn't appear to have spent much time on a leash as she pulls fairly strong when walked.

Bailey has just recently begun to show interest in playing with toys. She did almost pick up a tennis ball when I threw it to her, and she showed great interest in a squeaker I use to get dogs' attention when photographing them. Bailey is comfortable riding in a vehicle.

Bailey's caretakers DeAnna and Patrick found her on Sunday, May 6, in a shopping center parking lot in Lodi. She came right up to them, so they were assuming she had a caring owner who was searching for her. However, there were also signs of neglect: her ear tips are scarred from fly bites; she has a few scars on her face, likely from bite wounds; and she has clearly had puppies previously.

DeAnna and Patrick were unable to find Bailey's owner. They can't keep her as they already have four dogs, but do not want to bring her to one of the crowded Central Valley shelters. They reached out to GSRSV for assistance in rehoming Bailey.

GSRSV has evaluated Bailey and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Bailey through its adoption program while her caretakers continue to care for her.

Bailey is located in Lodi. She was not spayed as of the posting date, but will be prior to adoption. Her adoption fee is $160.

Posted 5-26-18

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Adopted 5-25-18!

"Dexter" is a 1-yo neutered male GSD who is loving, playful, and somewhat insecure. Dexter is friendly with all adults he meets, and is great with his family's three children (11, 8 & 5 yrs old). He often sleeps with one of the kids, and loves to cuddle. However, he is fearful of new children--whether inside his home or away from it--and displays aggression towards some.

Dexter is great with the other male GSD he lives with and the two of them play wildly in the back yard. Dexter was good w/ the GSRSV dogs he met after overcoming his initial fearfulness; in fact, he was trying to get a few of the dogs to play with him after about 20 minutes. (Click here for a video of Dexter romping w/ the other dogs.) Dexter still displays aggression towards some strange dogs when he first meets them--it's almost as if he got beat up pretty good when he was younger and is anticipating getting attacked. There's no doubt in my mind that Dexter's behavior is purely fear-based and that with a little more socialization around new dogs he'll be just fine.

Dexter has not been around cats and does like to chase squirrels, so a home without cats is in order for him.

Dexter is housetrained and is very well-behaved inside. He has free access to the outside via a dog-door. He is completely non-destructive in the house and knows to stay away from the dinner table when his people are eating.

Dexter has received basic obedience training and his primary person Megan routinely reinforces his skills. He quickly obeys basic commands and drops toys on command when playing tug-of-war. He is crate-trained and actually enjoys hanging out in his crate--which is where his people usually keep him when youngsters come over.

Dexter loves to play with toys, especially those that squeak and Nylabones.   He likes to play fetch, and will drop the ball upon return if he's the only dog playing. He's not too sure about water yet, but he showed great curiosity over the pond at GSRSV's rescue ranch.

Dexter's people adopted him when he was about 4½ months old. He was born on a ranch in Ventura, CA, and Megan's mom took in one of the pups for her. Dexter has been a wonderful dog with Megan and her family, but their home is very busy with friends of their kids coming by often--which does not blend well with Dexter's fearfulness of new children. Reluctantly, Megan and her family are seeking a new home for Dexter--one in which few or no young children come to visit.

GSRSV has evaluated Dexter and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Dexter through its adoption program while his owners continue to care for him.

Dexter is located in South Land Park. His adoption fee is $260.

Posted 5-12-18