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The following dogs are available for adoption through GSRSV. Some are at the rescue ranch, some are in foster homes and some are with their owners or caretakers working with GSRSV. For further information about these dogs, please call Brian Foran at 916-655-3125 or e-mail him at (Note: dogs that were recently adopted will be moved to the very bottom of this page and will have an "Adopted" banner above their profiles.) For information about the adoption process and fees, please see How to Adopt a Dog from GSRSV/Adoption Fees.

This picture appears next to dogs that have proven themselves to be cat-friendly. 


The flag appears above the pictures of dogs that GSRSV is placing for military families who are forced to find new homes for their dogs due to deployments. Please show your support for our service men and women by adopting or fostering their dogs!

This page was last modified September 18, 2022.


Because I am in the (long) process of moving to Central Oregon, I am rescuing very few dogs these days--thus the lack of adoptable dogs on this page.

Please check out the two other pages on this Website that list adoptable dogs from other rescue groups, caretakers and owners:
Dogs Available for Adoption from Other Area Rescue Groups and Individuals

Dogs Available for Adoption through Owner Placement


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"Bella Donna" (Bella) is a 60-lb, approx 1½-yo soon-to-be spayed female Husky/GSD who is exceptionally sweet, mellow and affectionate. Bella is healthy and current on rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella vaccinations.

Bella is very friendly with people. She has more of the Husky personality than German Shepherd and will likely not be a protective dog. I am certain that Bella will be great with children of all ages as she is gentle in all of her mannerisms. Bella loves to be petted but is not a Velcro dog like so many GSDs are.

Bella is great with other dogs. She is completely submissive and likes to play and be chased. She could be paired with either a male or female dog as I have not seen any jealousy in her towards other female dogs.

I don't know how Bella is with cats but I'm fairly certain that she'll be fine with them. She is just so easy-going and has not shown any prey drive since I've had her with me.

Bella is housetrained and very well-behaved inside. My hunch is that she was an inside dog in her former home. She is a comfort-pup and loves to lounge in the easy chair (see lower pic at left).

Bella walks exceptionally easy on leash. Though she exhibits more Husky traits than GSD traits, Bella is NOT an escape artist. However, she will wander off if a gate is left open. Surprisingly, she has very good off-leash recall. A five-ft fence is enough to keep Bella in a yard.

Bella rides calmly in a car. I have yet to see her play with any toys, but once she's in a "regular" home I imagine she'll show some affinity towards toys. Bella seems to like water; she likes to wade in the pond at the GSRSV Rescue Ranch and I've seen her swim for short periods on a couple of occasions.

Martina Animal Rescue rescued Bella from the animal shelter in Apple Valley (southern Calif) on July 22, just before she was going to be euthanized due to space limitations. A woman in Auburn had committed to adopt Bella, but her yard did not have a secure fence and Bella got out on a couple of occasions. The woman was not particularly mobile, either, so could not walk Bella very far. Though she really like Bella, she had to return her. Martina Animal Rescue had no place to house Bella so GSRSV took her in.

Bella is scheduled to be spayed on Sept 7 at Cherry Creek Veterinary Hospital in Antelope. If she is adopted prior to Sept 7, her adopter has the option of either bringing Bella into Cherry Creek for her spay or taking her to a vet of their own choosing. If the adopter chooses the latter, GSRSV will reimburse the adopter up to the amount that we would pay for Bella's spay at Cherry Creek (approx $200).

Bella's adoption fee is $260. If adopted prior to Sept 7, her adopter must also pay a $300 refundable spay deposit, which GSRSV will refund once Bella is spayed.

Posted 8-25-22

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"Whitney" is an approx 100-lb, 7-yo neutered male White GSD who is eccentric, energetic and totally loveable. Oh--and happy! He's a happy, happy dog.

Whitney is "different" than other dogs the way a functioning autistic child is different from other children. When he gets excited, he starts his "mousing" routine where he digs and pounces on imaginary mice. If there are rocks present, he will find a reasonably large rock (his "mouse"), pick it up in his mouth and trot over to his water bucket to drop it in. (Click here for a video of this routine.) Even if he's inside where there is no dirt or rocks, he will do his mousing routine when he's excited.

Whitney also likes to dig. Man, does he like to dig! So, I am seeking a new home for Whitney where his passion for digging will not pose a problem.

Whitney is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. He loves people and is super-affectionate. He ADORES children! When I took Whitney and three other dogs to the snow in February, there was a family with several children between the ages of six to twelve. I couldn't pull Whitney away from them without a leash! He's  somewhat jerky with his body movements, so he has the potential to flatten a really young child. However, I also think that Whitney would learn to be gentle given the opportunity.

Whitney is fantastic with other dogs. He is very submissive and would be fine with all but a dominant dog who wants to bully him (more on that later). I've had Whitney at my rescue ranch for six years and he's always been great with my other dogs. I'm certain that Whitney would be fine with little dogs as well.

I have never had Whitney around cats, but this is one dog who I can totally see being buddies with a cat. He might be hyper-active at times, but he would never harm a fly.

Whitney has been inside my house on many occasions and has never had an accident, but he's been an outside dog primarily for the six years I've had him. This was his choice, as all of my dogs are welcome inside my house via a dog door. It's possible that Whitney could make the transition to being an indoor dog, but I'm actually seeking a new home for him where he can be outdoors for the most part, and again, be allowed to perform his mousing routine and to dig.

Whitney came to me as a rough-hewn one-year old, and I have not put him through any kind of training. When I first brought him to my rescue ranch, Whitney would run around in wide circles constantly. This suggested to me that he had been kept tied up during his young life and only knew the boundaries of the rope he was tied to. Fortunately, his circling behavior resolved in a few days. His mousing behavior, though, never subsided.

Whitney pulls fairly strong on a leash as I have not worked with him much at all on leash skills.

Whitney LOVES to go for rides in the car, and is a really easy passenger. He'll just lie down and enjoy the ride.

Whitney loves to play fetch, and though he'll bring the ball back to me and sometimes set it down, he'll easily get distracted into his mousing routine. I'm sure with enough repetition that he'd become a great fetch & drop player.

I absolutely LOVE Whitney, but am seeking a new home for him because he has been attacked on several occasions by a few of my dogs here, a couple of times severely. (The most recent attack was in January, and after that attack I placed Whitney in a separate yard for his own safety.) Because Whitney is like a mildly retarded child, he is a target for the alpha dogs in my pack to "take out." This is, unfortunately, part of the natural dynamic of a dog (and wolf) pack.

It breaks my heart to let Whitney go, but I need to consider his safety first and foremost, and I hate keeping him by himself in a separate yard.

Whitney is located in Pleasant Grove, CA. His adoption fee is $160.

Posted 4-3-22

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"Charlie" is an approx 80-lb, 8-yo neutered male GSD who is super-affectionate, incredibly loyal and easy-going.

Charlie is friendly with everyone he meets (not a great watchdog) and great with young children. He lived with a family with two young boys (7 & 10-yrs old) between 6-13 and 8-16-21 and he was great with them. He takes treats gently from hand but sometimes forgets that he's not a little lap dog. Charlie loves to snuggle in bed and to be wherever you are. He is always right under my desk when I'm working at my computer!

Charlie is good with medium & large dogs, but NOT good w/ small dogs. He's also not good w/ high-energy dogs--he wants to run after them and "correct" them.

Charlie has exhibited a prey drive towards small dogs so he's almost certainly NOT good with cats.

Charlie is completely housetrained and can be left inside for hours without issue. However, if you have lever-style door "knobs", be sure the lever is locked because Charlie is smart enough to open a door with such lever!

Charlie knows a few basic commands such as sit and lie down. He is good on leash though he sometimes pulls initially out of eagerness.

Charlie hasn't shown much affinity for toys since he's been with me but the other day he picked up a ball and trotted off with it, so maybe there's a playful pup hidden in Charlie.

Charlie is in great health. He has a straight back, sound hips and fluid mobility. His ear tips have permanent scarring from fly strike (due to unsanitary conditions outdoors).

A family in North Highlands raised Charlie from a pup. However, both his people became ill and were no longer able to provide him with exercise or much attention. I received a request in May from their daughter to rehome him. I went to meet Charlie on May 19, 2021, and he literally begged me to take him with me--so I did!

A family with boys ages 10 & 7 yrs and a small female Terrier mix adopted Charlie on June 13. Charlie did fantastic in most regards, especially with the boys. However, he would often harass the little dog and his people never trusted him enough to leave him alone with her.

Charlie also did not do well with small dogs in their neighborhood. On one occasion he got out and bit a little dog—not bad enough for vet attention, but it put his people on notice.

In late August, Charlie opened the front door (which has a lever-style door “knob”) and set his sites on a little dog whose people were walking it across the street. This time, Charlie did enough damage to send the dog to the vet. (The dog was OK, but it cost Charlie’s people about $2K in vet bills.) After this incident, Charlie’s people sadly realized they could no longer keep him due to his strong prey drive so they returned him to me on Aug 16.

Since I took Charlie back, he’s been once again perfect w/ all of the GSRSV dogs. So, a home w/ another large dog is certainly an option for him--just no small dogs or cats.

Charlie's adoption fee is $160.

Updated 10-26-21

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Adopted 9-10-22!

"Lola" is an approx 70-lb, 2-yo soon-to-be spayed female White GSD who in my humble opinion is THE MOST AFFECTIONATE DOG IN THE WORLD! Besides being super-affectionate, Lola is playful and very well-trained.

Lola is healthy and has received her distemper/parvo,  rabies and bordetella vaccinations.

Lola is a love with everyone she meets. If you're seeking a protective GSD, keep looking! (Lola will probably be somewhat protective once she knows she's in her forever home.)

Lola loves to snuggle and is one of the few GSDs I've ever known who sleeps right next to me throughout the night. (No, I don't snore!) She likes to be wherever I am, and I'm sure that will be the case with whoever adopts her.

Lola loves children and is a natural for them as she's so sweet and gentle. I would love to see Lola go to a home with young children.

Lola is fine with other dogs, but she really prefers human companionship to canine companionship. She immediately integrated into the GSRSV pack; no fear of the other dogs and no aggression. Just easy!

Lola is NOT good with cats--she wants to go after them.

Lola is housetrained and perfectly behaved inside. She sleeps on my bed and will certainly want to sleep on the bed of whoever adopts her.

Lola appears to have received basic obedience training as she responds well to basic commands, is great on leash and also great off-leash. Click here for a video of Lola walking both on and off leash with Charlie Remsen, the guy who picked up Lola from the Apple Valley shelter in So Cal. Bear in mind that this was the very same day she left the shelter!

Lola rides well in a car and waits patiently when you leave her. She loves to play fetch and LOVES to bite the water stream from a hose.

GSRSV rescued Lola from the shelter in Apple Valley on July 28, shortly before she would have been euthanized. Again, Lola has yet to be spayed but will be as of Sept 7. If she is adopted prior to Sept 7, her adopter can either bring her to Cherry Creek Vet Hospital in Antelope on Sept 7 to have her spayed, or have her spayed elsewhere and I will reimburse up to what I'd pay for her spay at Cherry Creek.

Lola is located in Pleasant Grove, CA. Her adoption fee is $260.

Posted 8-18-22

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Adopted 8-26-22!

"Bodi" is an approx 90-lb, 1 1/2 –yo neutered male GSD who is friendly, energetic and well-mannered.

Bodi is very affectionate with is people and loves to cuddle and chill in the house. He is fine with strangers, sitting patiently when his foster caretaker stops to speak w/ her neighbor when walking him. We have not observed Bodi around children since we rescued him, but he is a sweet dog with an even temperament so there is no reason to believe he wouldn’t be fine with kids. In spite of Bodi’s friendly demeanor, he is a great watchdog.

Bodi seems to be good with other dogs. He was great with the other dogs at GSRSV’s rescue ranch for the few days he was there, and liked to play with a young male GSD. He has not interacted with other dogs since he was brought to his foster home on June 25. 

We do not know how Bodi is with cats so will only consider homes WITHOUT CATS for him.

Bodi is fully housetrained and has not had a single accident in the house since we rescued him. He is very well-behaved in the house and enjoys just hanging out with his people wherever they are. His foster caretakers do keep him in a crate when they are gone because Bodi had a tendency to counter-surf and remove items from bookshelves when he first arrived. Bodi does fine in a crate.

Bodi walks very well on leash, but still pulls at times out of excitement. He has come a LONG way with his leash training since his foster caretakers took him in! Bodi will bark and lunge at bicycles if they get too close when he’s on leash, so he still needs work on overcoming that behavior.

Bodi rides very well in a vehicle and loves going for rides! He likes to play fetch but is still learning to “drop it.” (Click here for a short video of him fetching a ball.) He is also learning how to catch a Frisbee.

Bodi is a young, active GSD who needs an active family/person who will continue to engage him in both physical and mental exercise. He will reward you with loyalty and unconditional love.

GSRSV rescued Bodi from the Stanislaus County Shelter on June 22. He had been brought in as a stray on March 23 and was scheduled to be euthanized due to time/space constraints when we rescued him.

Bodi is located in Vacaville, CA. His adoption fee is $260.

Posted 7-22-22