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The following dogs are available for adoption through GSRSV. Some are at the rescue ranch, some are in foster homes and some are with their owners or caretakers working with GSRSV. For further information about these dogs, please call Brian Foran at 916-655-3125 or e-mail him at (Note: dogs that were recently adopted will be moved to the very bottom of this page and will have an "Adopted" banner above their profiles.) For information about the adoption process and fees, please see How to Adopt a Dog from GSRSV/Adoption Fees.

What is a "Program Dog?"
Some dogs' descriptions state that "GSRSV has evaluated [name] and is placing [him or her[ as a Program Dog." This means that the dog is still in the custody  of its guardian, but that GSRSV is placing the dog through its adoption program. The same adoption process and adoption fee apply to these dogs as to those in GSRSV's custody, and the same 2-week money-back period and lifetime take-back policy also apply. 

This picture appears next to dogs that have proven themselves to be cat-friendly. 


The flag appears above the pictures of dogs that GSRSV is placing for military families who are forced to find new homes for their dogs due to deployments. Please show your support for our service men and women by adopting or fostering their dogs!

This page was last modified November 17, 2019.

Note: The dogs on this page--other than those added within one week--are  listed alphabetically, rather than in chronological order. I list the dogs this way because too many people overlook the dogs that have been listed for awhile, thinking (erroneously) that there must be something wrong with a dog that hasn't been adopted after a few months.  

This page was last modified 11/17/19.

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"Leo" is a handsome,  approx 80-lb, 2-yo (maybe slightly younger) neutered male GSD/Belgian Malinois who is super-affectionate, smart and active. Leo is friendly with people once he's comfortable with them, but has already exhibited protective behavior towards strangers so ONLY ADOPTERS WITH EXPERIENCE W/ SUCH BEHAVIOR WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR LEO.

We've yet to have Leo around young children since we rescued him on 9-24-19, but I'm confident he'll be fine with kids. Leo is still puppy-like and quitet mouthy, so might scare really little tykes. However, if you're willing to work w/ him I'd consider a home for him with young kids. Leo does not show any food-possessiveness and takes treats very gently!

Leo is great with other dogs. He is vey eager to meet them but is not aggressive. He did great meeting a few other dogs at GSRSV's rescue ranch when he arrived, though of course he was a little intimidated. Click here to a see a video.

We don't know how Leo is with cats, but my hunch is that he'd terrify them. NO CATS FOR LEO.

Leo currently lives w/ an 8-yo spayed female GSD/Australian Shepherd, and gets along with her just fine. However, Leo is an attention hog and gets jealous easily. In the one day that I had Leo at my house, he showed "possesiveness" of me when up on my bed. However, a quick verbal rebuke was all he needed to back off. We recommend  that Leo not be paired with another dog with such attention needs as he has.

Leo is housetrained and taps at the door when he needs to go out. He still chews on some objects that he shouldn't (such as remote controls) when he's bored, so some precautions will be in order. Redirecting to appropriate toys has already helped Leo's inappropriate chewing behavior.  

Leo clearly received some training previously as he responds well to simple commands like "sit" and "down." He is very treat-motivated, too. Leo walks very well on a leash, staying right beside his handler!

As mentioned, Leo is somewhat "mouthy", and if you don't know what that means then you shouldn't be considering this dog for adoption. His mouthiness is all due to playfulness and affection, and has greatly improved since his foster caretaker took him in on Sept 25.

Leo loves to ride in the car. He would be a great dog for an active individual, couple or family who like to take their dog on travel adventures and around town.

GSRSV rescued Leo from the Stanislaus County Shelter in Modesto on 9-24-19. He was at high risk of euthanasia as he had been at the shelter since 8-30; he was picked up as a stray.

Leo is in a foster home in Granite Bay. His adoption fee is $210.

Posted 10-9-19

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"Gaby" is an approx 1-yr old, 50-lb handsome neutered male Terrier mix (perhaps Jack Russell/Pit Bull?) who is exceptionally mellow, affectionate and well-behaved. Gaby is friendly with people of all ages and would be appropriate for very young children due to his calm nature. (Yes, he takes treats gently from hand.)

Gaby is good with other dogs for the most part, but he is  reactive towards other dogs when he's on leash or behind a fence. He is very playful with female dogs. His foster caretaker has four other dogs and Gaby rough houses constantly with the one female dog. See the following video of Gaby playing with that dog at GSRSV's rescue ranch:

We have not seen Gaby around cats but my hunch is that he'd be OK with them. We'll consider a home with cats for Gaby.

Gaby is fully housetrained and very well-behaved inside. He's never had an accident indoors even though it's likely he was kept as an outside dog previously. Gaby does not know  even the "sit" command, but I was able to get him to sit in just a minute or so with a biscuit as incentive. Oh--Gaby loves treats, so he'll likely be very easy to train.

Gaby is good on leash and has great recall off-leash. He does not wander far when off-leash. He rides well in a car; in fact, Gaby LOVES to go for car rides! 

Gaby showed up at an RV park/marina along the Sacramento River in June. All efforts to find his owner failed so the man who found him (a friend of GSRSV's) offered to foster him until we could find him a home.

Gaby is located in Verona (small town along the Sacramento River in south Sutter County). His adoption fee is $210.

Posted 7-19-19

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"Snoopy" is a 70-lb, 1-yo neutered male GSD mix who is happy, loveable and a little goofy. Snoopy is friendly with everyone he meets but will likely be a good watchdog as well. I KNOW that Snoopy will be great with young children; he met two kids (ages 8 & 10) and was literally melting in their arms. Snoopy is very affectionate and loves to snuggle right next to you in bed.

Snoopy gets along fine with other dogs, but he does have a prey drive and doesn't seem to know what a little dog is; therefore, I am seeking a home with no small dogs. (I'm confident that once he realizes that little dogs are indeed dogs, he'll be fine with them.) Snoopy prefers to receive attention from humans much more so than from other dogs, so he'd be fine as an only dog.

I have not seen Snoopy around cats, but since he went after a Chihuahua mix, I can't consider a home with cats for him.

Snoopy is housetrained and never had an accident in the house he's in, but he does occasionally get his paws up on the counter if there is food present. He responds well to the "sit" and "lie down" commands, so apparently he's received some obedience training in his young life.

Snoopy walks very well on leash and rides calmly in a vehicle. He apparently enjoys water, as he took to the pond at GSRSV's rescue ranch fairly quickly.

Snoopy gets his name from his long snout and the somewhat comical overbite in his muzzle. I'm not sure if his overbite originates from another canine breed (Collie?) but it does not affect his ability to eat normally.

GSRSV rescued Snoopy from the Stanislaus County Shelter on 6-23-18. He had been at the shelter since May 12; I imagine that he was a staff favorite at the shelter. Nonetheless, his time had run out and he was going to be euthanized so GSRSV appealed for donations to board Snoopy until he could be transferred to a no-kill shelter out of state. Three women came forward with donations to cover his boarding expense. (Thank you Danielle Blount, Diana Cheung and Alicia Navarro!) When I discovered what a sweet dog Snoopy is, I searched for and was able to find a foster home for him so that he wouldn't have to go back to a shelter.

Snoopy is located in Sacramento. His adoption fee is $210.

Posted 7-18-18; updated 8-5-18; updated 2-11-19

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Adopted 11-10-19!

"Sammy" is a beautiful, approx 60-lb, 3-yo spayed female GSD who is sweet, energetic and eager to please. Sammy is friendly with everyone she meets, but does occasionally jump up on new people out of excitement; this is a fairly easy behavior to curb. Sammy did previously live with young children, but was somewhat mouthy with them. I think Sammy would be great with kids, but her adult people will have to be willing to ensure she doesn't get too excited or mouthy with them. Sammy is not food aggressive and takes treats gently from hand.

Sammy is great with other dogs. She is more submissive than dominant, but does like to "fence fight" (good fun!) with those on the opposite side of a fence. She presently lives with several other dogs in her foster home (Davis) and does well with all of them--both male and female. She sometimes will nip another dog on the back who is acting out; this is not an aggressive behavior but rather an instinctive herding behavior that lots of GSDs display.

Sammy appears NOT to be good with cats.

Sammy is completely housetrained and non-destructive inside--though she has not been tested inside all by herself. She does cry out for a minute or two whenever her foster caretaker leaves the yard, but afterwards she is fine.

Sammy obeys a few basic commands (sit, stay, shake). She does need leash work as she has not likely been walked on leash much. Sammy rides great in a vehicle and is eager to travel.

Sammy's former owner raised her from an 8-wk old pup. He kept her outside exclusively, but now Sammy is a happy indoor/outdoor dog. Her former owner surrendered her to an independent rescuer because he no longer had the time for her and she was too mouthy with his children.

Sammy is located in a foster home in Davis. Her adoption fee is $260.

Posted 6-26-19; updated 9-27-19