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This page lists GSDs and GSD mixes that have recently been either lost or found in the Sacramento Valley, in hopes of reuniting them with their owners.  Please contact the individual(s) listed with any leads or for more information. If you would like to place a lost or found ad (free of charge), please contact Brian Foran at bab43@msn.com or 916-655-3125.

If you have lost your dog, you might want to check out the
"Finding Your Lost Pet" page on the El Dorado County Animals Shelter Website for some good tips.

Last updated: 12/16/2020

Found December 4, 2020, in Pleasant Grove, CA: 2-3 yo Belgian Malinois. (NOTE: this dog is NOT "Kratos", listed below. Just an ironic coincidence.)

if you think this is your dog, or think you might know who s/he belongs to, please contact Wendy Decker at w_decker@ymail.com.

Posted 12-16-20

Lost November 24, 2020, from Victory Av in Oakdale, CA: "Kratos", 2-yo intact male Belgian Malinois.

Weighs about 50 lbs.

Black collar w/ no tag, no microchip.

Very friendly dog.


Please contact Aaron Velasco  w/ any info:
avelasco292@gmail.com or 209-605-5109.

Posted 12-10-20

Lost October 6, 2020, from 3194 Humphrey Rd in Loomis: "Santos", 1-yo intact male GSD mix.

No collar or microchip.

Click here for short video of Santos.

Please contact Jeffrey Garcia w/ any info:
jeffreygarcia00@gmail.com or

Posted 10-8-20

Lost February 2020 in Dixon: "Duke", approx 3-yo neutered male GSD. Has Avid microchip.

This dog was likely transferred from the Solano County Shelter to a rescue group, then adopted out. The Solano County shelter is not providing information about Duke to his owner.

The ID # listed on Duke's picture is from the shelter in Carson, CA, from where GSRSV rescued Duke in 2018.

Please contact Brian Foran w/ any info:

bab43@msn.com or 916-655-3125


Found 10-28-18 on West 6th St near E St in Rio Linda: young male GSD. Has chip and red collar.

If you believe this is your dog, please contact Jennifer Powers at Powers.jennifer@comcast.net.

Posted 10-29-18

Lost 7-4-18 near Gray Av & Bridge St in Yuba City:  "Kate", 8-mos old female GSD.

No chip or ID tag.

Please contact James Tapia w/ any info:


Posted 7-8-18

Found 12-2-17 near Wildhawk West & Piping Rock Ln in South Sacramento: young female GSD.

If you think this might be your dog, please contact Helena at 916-284-5618 or jhseburns98@icloud.com.

Posted 12-3-17



Picture intentionally not posted.

Lost 12-2-17 from Foothill Rd (across from Sierra College) in Rocklin, CA:

"Ben", 3 years old, black/red, hair missing from his tail & lower back due to a skin infection we are now treating, approx 70 lbs. Has a sore left hind leg currently so he may have a limp. He's wearing a blue Kong brand collar w/ phone number.

Ben is friendly and his family misses him terribly.

Please call either 707-317-5841 or 916-824-6322


Posted 12-3-17

Lost 7-14-17 near Clarksburg, CA (Willow Point Rd):

"Ruger", 2-yo neutered male GSD. Wearing green/yellow John Deere collar. Chipped.

Very friendly. Means a great deal to his family.

Please contact Brandy Rapp at either 916-417-6795 or brandyrapp@aol.com.


Posted 8-11-17

Lost approx 4-12-17 from Arbuckle, CA:

 "Canelo", 1-yo male GSD and "Nube",
2-yo spayed White GSD mix. Canelo had a bright red collar with a rectangular camo-print ID tag. Nube had a brown leather collar w/ a circular ID tag.

Both dogs were last seen on County Line Rd between Arbuckle & Dunnigan. They are both very friendly.

Please contact Erica at 530-701-5573 or perica@mail.csuchico.edu.

Posted 4-23-17





Lost 12-15-16 from Nicholas, CA (between Sacramento and Yuba City, off Hwy 99):
Roxy, 4-yo spayed female GSD. Was wearing red collar w/ ID tag--no microchip.

Please contact Shannon at 916-216-7009 or shannonosbutler@gmail.com with any leads or for further information on Roxy.

Her family misses her desperately. REWARD!

Posted 1-26-17

Lost 6-5-16 from Stonyford, CA (rural Colusa County, about 30 miles west of Maxwell/I-5):
Yasi, 2-yo female GSD/Rhodesian Ridgeback. Last seen on Fout Springs Rd 6-5-16.

Please contact Amanda at 714-610-4410, amandabrulee@gmail.com, or
714-483-4990 with any leads or for further information on Yasi.


Posted 6-9-16

Stolen 2-14-15 from a home in Davis, CA. "Brutus", 11-yo neutered male GSD. Microchipped, in failing health, on Rx diet.

Please contact Stephanie Longshore at either
530-979-7917 or msngzb@prodigy.net.

Posted 2-28-15

Click for larger image.

Lost 7-26-13 from 3812 Natoma Wy in Sacramento: "Snowball", female White GSD puppy. 


Wearing pink collar and black harness. No tags or microchip.

Please conact Jen @ 916-992-3114 or thinking_makes_it_so@yahoo.com.

Posted 7-29-13


Lost 4-6-13 near Valley Hi and Franklin Bl in South Sacramento: "Mina", 10-mos old female GSD. 

(Note: picture at right was taken when Mina was 3 mos old.)

Please contact Vangie at 916-709-4198 or nidoybracero@gmail.com.

Posted 4-9-13

Lost 7-2-11 from W. 6th St/Elkhorn in Rio LInda: "Gracie", 9-yr old female GSD/Rottweiler. Walks with a limp due to arthritis. Wearing orange nylon collar with ID tag. Microchipped. LAST SEEN MONDAY, JULY 4TH, JUST SOUTH OF ELVERTA MARKET NEAR RIO LINDA BL ON THE BIKE TRAIL. Gracie is a very friendly dog--she spooked from fireworks.

Please contact either Vicki at 916-276-7515 or Ron at either 916-765-4879 or mudsuckers@sbcglobal.net.

Posted 7-6-11

Lost 2-8-11 from Power Inn & Alpine in Sacramento: "Shadow ", 2-yr old intact male black GSD. 

Please contact Nissa Swanston at either 916-606-7421 or nissaswanston@comcast.net.

Posted 2-15-11

(picture is of Shadow 1 year ago)

Lost 2-8-11 from 6157 66th Street in South Sacramento: "Roxy", 3-yr old female GSD mix. Was wearing pink collar with name tag and rabies vaccination tag.

Please contact Denise Clark at either 916-412-6243 or D64clark@aol.com.

Posted 2-15-11

Lost March 2010 in Elk Grove: "Luna", 12-yr old female GSD/Chow mix. 

Please contact Loretta Arroyo at either 916) 263-2434 or Loretta.Arroyo@mbc.ca.gov.

Posted 9-9-10

Found 9-3-10 in Ancil Hoffman Park, Carmichael, CA: Male German Shepherd. 

Please call Sharon to identify: 916-903-8194, sharonkdean23@yahoo.com

Posted 9-4-10

Lost 12-19-09 in Cool, CA: "Dragen", 4-yr old male golden GSD (top right) and "Buck", 5-6 yr old male Lab/Rottie/Aussie mix (bottom right). Dragen was wearing a red collar, Buck a purple collar. Neither had tags or a microchip.

If you see or hear of either of these dogs, please contact Mary Halstead at  530-368-6309 (C), 530-885-6969 (W), or mary@casablanca-dayspa.com.

Posted 12-31-09

Lost 11-24-09 in Lincoln at Twelve Bridges/South Creek: "Maximus", 8-mos old male solid black GSD. Microchip #0006CCC5B2. 

If found, call "Help Me Find My Pet.com" at 1-866-699-3463. 

Posted 11-24-09



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