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The following German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes are being fostered by other rescue groups or individuals in the Sacramento area. I have not seen or evaluated most of these dogs, so I can not guarantee their temperament or health. However, because rescue groups such as mine or individuals rescuing on their own are offering these dogs for adoption, I am posting these dogs as a courtesy to those rescuers. As with rescuing a dog from GSRSV, you will also have the benefit of knowing the dog's temperament from its foster caretaker (in most cases).

This picture appears next to dogs that have proven themselves to be cat-friendly.

Please contact the individual or group name listed with a particular dog for more information about that dog! If you find that a dog that is listed here is no longer available for adoption, please let me know so I can remove the listing. Contact Brian at either 916-655-3125 or  

Bakersfield, CA

"Cher-Bella" is an approx 3-yo spayed female GSD who is very sweet. She loves people but is a little shy at first.

Cher-Bella is good with other dogs and seems to be OK w/ cats as she lived amongst them previously.

Cher-Bella is one of many dogs who was abandoned in Bakersfield and was living on the street when she gave birth to a litter of puppies. The rescue group Bakersfield Strays ( took Cher-Bella and her pups in to safety. The puppies have since been weaned and Cher-Bella is now ready for adoption.

Please click on for Bakersfield Strays adoption/foster application and more info about adopting.

Posted 9-26-22

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"Felicia" is a 65-lb, approx 1-yo intact female GSD mix (possibly Belgian Malinois/GSD) who is goofy, loving, playful and a little shy. Felicia is healthy and active. However, her vaccination history is unknown and she has not received any vaccinations since she was taken in by her current caregiver (Janet).

Felicia is friendly with everyone she meets, including young children. She can be introduced to strangers in the house without any concern of over-protectiveness.

Felicia is friendly with other dogs of all sizes. She presently lives with a Chihuahua and gets along great with him. She loves to play w/ her foster brother Max, a male Lab mix; they play for hours at a time.

Felicia is also good with cats! The neighbors cats come into the yard and she doesn’t bother them at all.

Felicia is housetrained and sleeps indoors uncrated. When Janet is gone for over an hour, she leaves Felicia either in a crate or uncrated in the house.

Felicia is well-behaved. She walks well on leash and is non-reactive towards other dogs she sees when on walks. She also has good recall off-leash.

Felicia rides well in a vehicle. She loves to play with balls.

Janet found Felicia in a shopping center in Modesto in early August. She was told by a store worker that Felicia had been dumped there. Janet did not want to bring her to the crowded Stanislaus County shelter, so brought her home to foster her and try to find her a permanent home.

There is no adoption fee for Felicia, but, per GSRSV’s insistence, whoever adopts Felicia must pay Janet a $300 refundable spay deposit. The adopter will be given 90 days to have Felicia spayed. Once the adopter provides evidence that Felicia has been spayed, Janet will refund the $300 deposit. This will all be in writing.

Felicia is located in Modesto. Please contact Janet Pacheco at 209-424-6301 or

Posted 9-9-22

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Benicia, CA

Reggie is now in a foster home and is perfectly good w/ the dogs there!

"Reggie" (formerly Apollo) is an 80-lb, 3-yo neutered male GSD who is goofy, loyal and sweet. Reggie is in good health but does require a special diet and probiotic supplement due to a very sensitive GI tract, without which he has constant diarrhea. He has a semi-long coat. 

Reggie is friendly with people he meets and requires no special introduction. He has yet to meet any children since he was rescued from the shelter, but his foster person thinks he’d do fine with kids. 

Reggie is fine with other dogs, though he doesn't really interact much with them. He can be reactive towards other dogs when he's walking on leash.

Reggie has seen cats while in his crate and not barked or lunged at them. However, he has not gone nose-to-nose with a cat since he was rescued so for now a home WITHOUT CATS is in order. 

Reggie was likely trained (as well as loved) in his former home as he obeys several commands and walks well on leash. His foster person does use a pinch collar when walking him to better control him when he sees other dogs. Reggie seems to have good off-leash recall. 

Reggie appears to be housetrained. Though he had been kept mostly in a crate for months in his previous foster home, he was inside for the last week of his stay and only had one accident. He was just brought to his present foster home on Sept 14, and has yet to venture inside the house. We'll provide an update on Reggie's house manners as soon as he starts spending time indoors.

Reggie enjoys car rides and is a calm passenger. He loves to play fetch and likes wading in water--and perhaps swimming (we'll know more soon).

Martina Animal Rescue (MAR) rescued Reggie from the Berkeley City animal shelter in May 2022 after he had been there for three months. Throughout his stay at the shelter, Reggie had horrible diarrhea, and continued to have diarrhea after MAR rescued him. It took about 2½ months and many visits to different vets, but finally a combination of a special dry food and probiotic cured Reggie’s diarrhea. He will likely need to be on the special diet for life.

Reggie is located in Pleasant Grove, CA. An adoption fee of $100 is requested.

Please contact Brian Foran at 916-655-3125 or

Posted 8-8-22; updated 9-15-22

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Sacramento, CA

"Duke" is an approx 55 lb, 5-yo neutered male GSD mix who is loving, rambunctious and fun! Duke is super-affectionate—he loves to cuddle, give kisses and just wants to be close to his people.

Duke is healthy and up-t0-date on his rabies, distemper/parvo, and bordetella vaccinations.

Duke is friendly with strangers, both inside and outside of the house. He’s generally sweet and attention-seeking, but does have a tendency to jump on strangers in his exuberance (still working on curbing this behavior). Duke hasn’t had much interaction with small children, but in public he’s done well. He can be mouthy when he plays so a home with older children would probably be best.

Duke is great with other dogs and wants to be friends immediately. He can get a little too rambunctious in his play so he needs to be monitored. He gets along great w/ the female Pit Bull mix he lives with. .

Duke has not been socialized w/ cats so a home WITHOUT CATS is in order.

Duke has likely not received any formal obedience training and training is still a work in progress. His main person Taelor has worked w/ him to reduce his mouthiness when playing, his jumping on people and his pulling on leash. Taelor uses a prong collar and Gentle Leader when walking Duke, which keeps him in check. Duke gets excited when seeing other dogs when on walks, but responds well to commands to continue to move.

Duke is somewhat of an escape artist when he’s inside and the front door opens. He’s dashed out the door on more than one occasion. He doesn’t go very far, but he still needs work at refraining from door-dashing.

Duke is housetrained but is kept either outside or in a crate inside when Taelor is gone for more than an hour. She also keeps Duke in a crate at night.

Duke enjoys car rides but would do best with a barrier to keep him isolated from the drive as Duke has tried to climb onto the middle console up front when Taelor is driving.

Duke enjoys playing fetch, loves to be sprayed with the hose, and enjoys Nylabones. He likes to catch treats in the air. He would likely enjoy swimming but has yet to have that opportunity.

Taelor took Duke in from a relative on a temporary basis six months ago. (The relative had adopted Duke from a shelter and only had him for a few months before needing a foster home for him.) .Now, the relative is unable to take Duke back.and Taelor is not prepared to adopt Duke permanently.

Duke is located in the Curtis/Oak Park area of Sacramento. His adoption fee is $100, per GSRSV’s insistence.

Please contact Taelor Stamm at 408-705-6596 or

Posted 7-12-22

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"Coco" is a 3-yo, approx 40-lb spayed female GSD mix who is sweet, joyful, and who bonds deeply with her human. She also has limited use of her back legs due to a broken back & pelvis she suffered when she was hit by a car on Oct 28, 2021. Coco can move both of her rear legs but she cannot walk without the aid of a wheelcart--which she does fantastic in. Coco’s broken back & pelvis have been stabilized through two surgeries and her rear-end strength is improving. She is beginning to stand on her own and is getting stronger everyday with acupuncture, cold laser therapy and physical therapy. Coco is current on vaccines, heartworm-negative and microchipped.

Coco loves meeting new people and is the type of dog that can be taken anywhere in public. She has done well with the children she’s met. Coco currently comes to work daily with her foster caretaker Emily, who is an RVT at the veterinary hospital in Grass Valley where Coco’s surgeries were performed. Coco stays in an x-pen by the reception desk where she loves all the attention she gets.

Coco gets along well with Emily’s two dogs. She’s also fine with the ancient resident cat at the hospital, though she did try to chase the cats who ran from her in a previous foster home.

Coco loves going for car rides, exploring new places,and her entire being lights up with joy when she is able to run run run in her wheelcart! (Click here for a video of Coco lighting it up in her cart.)

In addition to her wheelcart, Coco uses some mobility devices/braces to help retrain her how to use her rear legs. She wears doggie diapers because she doesn't have complete control over her urination and defecation, although this seems to be improving as well. Her diaper is often dry between changes and she will stand with support and urinate when she is being changed. All of Coco’s mobility devices would go with her, along with a supply of reusable cloth diapers, her current food, and other various supplies.

Coco’s ideal home would be one with a person or family who is (are) home most of the day to spend time with her and take her on adventures in her wheelcart. The person who cares for her would just need time, love, patience, and the ability to lift and support a 40 pound dog. Emily will be happy to teach anyone what they would need to know to take care of Coco--no special medical knowledge is needed.

Coco is currently located in Grass Valley CA, but Emily is willing to drive anywhere to show Coco to people who are interested in adopting or foster her.

Coco is available for adoption through the rescue group Sammie's Friends. Please contact Emily Collins at or 530-798-3130

Posted 1-23-22

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"Duff" is an approx 8-yo male GSD available for adoption from the animal shelter in Fallon, NV. Poor Duff has been at the shelter since July 20, 2021, when he was brought in as a stray.

Duff is very friendly with people, but the shelter feels he would do best as an only dog. [Note from GSRSV: he'd likely do fine w/ a medium to large female dog.]

A vet diagnosed Duff w/ Degenerative Myelopathy (DM, which is a non-painful disease of the spinal cord that will eventually cause Duff to be unable to walk. However, diagnosing DM is not a precise science and it's possible that Duff just has hip issues. Either way, he's not 100% in the rear end so whoever adopts Duff should expect some deterioration in his mobility and be prepared to help him out with that. (Wheel carts can really help dogs with DM.)

If you're interested in learning more about Duff, please contact the City of Fallon Animal Shelter at (775) 423-2282.

Posted 11-29-21


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"Sasha" is a beautiful approx 5-yo spayed female GSD who is loving, playful and somewhat alpha.

Sasha is healthy and current on her rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations.

Sasha initially barks at strangers who come into the house, but once they are introduced is very friendly. She’s also friendly with people she meets beyond her own territory.

Sasha is great with young children; her people have kids over often and she plays gently with them and loves attention. She waits patiently for treats and takes them gently from hand.

Sasha has only been around the dogs in her current home since her people took her in back in June and has not done well with them. She gets jealous easily when the other dogs receive attention and drives them away.

Sasha does NOT get along with cats, so a home WITHOUT CATS is in order.

Sasha’s people keep her outside primarily, so they can’t say definitively if she’s housetrained. However, they have had her inside on a few occasions for 2-4 hours and she did not have any accidents during those times.

Sasha likely received some obedience training previously as she sits and shakes her paw on command. She walks well on leash without distractions, and when she sees other dogs when she is on a walk she only wants to check them out—she doesn’t go ballistic.

Sasha rides well in a car. She likes squeaky toys. It’s unknown if she’s a swimmer.

Sasha’s people found her as a stray in June 2021 and were unable to find her owner. They decided to keep her and had her spayed in August. Unfortunately, Sasha is very jealous of the existing dogs in her home which has led to altercations. Regretfully, her people are seeking a new home for her.

Sasha Is located in Fresno. Her adoption fee is $100.

Please contact Rebecca Hoffman at or 559-824-2110.

Posted 11-14-21

Available at City of Tracy Animal Shelter

"Flora" is a beautiful 3-yo female GSD mix awaiting adoption at the City of Tracy animal shelter (

Flora is a sweet dog but does not show well in her kennel. But once she's out and gets to know you she’s a lover! (See how much she likes being handled by clicking on this link.)

Quote from a volunteer who met Flora: "She’s a great pup and sooo friendly out of the kennel. Took only about 5 mins or less for her to start giving me kisses. Lets me pet her all over. And she loves treats. Flora walks well on a leash. Click here for a short video.

Poor Flora was found as a stray and has been at the shelter since Aug 6! She's a great dog but adoptions are just horrendously slow. Won't you consider adopting Flora? For info about her, please contact the Tracy shelter at (209) 831-6364 and refer to Flora by her ID #: A036807.

Posted 10-22-21; updated 10-26-21


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"Patti" is a beautiful, approx 6-yo old spayed female GSD/Chow or GSD/Shiba Inu mix who is a staff and volunteer favorite at the Sac County ("Bradshaw") animal shelter. She’s a polite dog who seeks attention and soaks it up. (Click here for a short video of Patti soaking it up!)

Patti enjoys going on walks and has good leash manners. She is looking for a home with a patient adopter who will take the time to let her acclimate to her new environment and the family’s routine. This will include slow introductions to family pets. She has done well in playgroups with other low-energy, respectful female and male dogs. She would do best in a home without cats as she was returned once to the shelter already for chasing the resident cat.

Patti would love to be adopted or fostered, as kennel life is very stressful for her. To foster Patti, fill out a foster application at and send it to

To meet and adopt Patti, please call the Sac County shelter's adoption by appointment line at 916-875-2287. The appointment phone lines are open Tuesday-Sunday from 9:30am to 3:30pm. (closed Monday and holidays).

Be prepared to give the shelter representative Patti’s animal ID number: A796218. The phones get busy, so if you don’t get through right away, keep trying. They're working hard to provide each potential adopter with excellent customer service!

Posted 10-6-21

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"Hera" (on left) and "Zeuss" (on right) are 10-yo (born July 2011) GSD littermates who are very affectionate, well-behaved and attached to each other. Hera is spayed and Zeuss is neutered. They are both in very good physical condition; their person is a former veterinarian.

Hera & Zeuss have been with the same person since they were puppies. That person is now 92 yrs old and in failing mental capacity. She is presently being attended to part time by a woman named Alice, who is facilitating the rehoming of the two dogs.

Hera & Zeuss have both been well-socialized with people and love nothing more than to be petted and cuddled. They have not been around small children but would surely do fine w/ older kids.

Hera & Zeuss have not been well socialized with other dogs so would be best placed in a home w/ no other dogs. However, I think if the existing dog was a large, confident dog there would be no issues as Hera & Zeuss would mostly interact with each other.

There is a cat in Hera & Zeuss' home, but it is presently kept in a kennel in the garage. The two dogs do not pay any attention to the cat as they pass it by. More info on how Hera & Zeuss interact w/ the cat forthcoming.

Hera & Zeuss are well-trained. They are used to gentle voice commands and will come, sit, lie down, bow, and wait for their food to be placed in front of them. They will basically do anything for a biscuit!

Because Hera & Zeuss have been together their entire lives, they must be adopted together.

Hera & Zeuss are located in Grass Valley. Please contact Alice Q at either 530-386-3246 or

Posted 8-10-21

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