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Sometimes unforeseen circumstances force German Shepherd owners to seek a new home for their dog(s). This page serves to link such individuals with potential new owners--and to help prevent the tragedy of owners surrendering their pets to a shelter.

GSRSV is not involved in the adoption process of dogs listed on this page. Individuals interested in adopting a dog listed below should contact the owner directly at the phone number or e-mail listed. Because GSRSV is has not evaluated the dogs listed here, I cannot take responsibility for their temperament or health.

If you are an owner interested in listing your German Shepherd Dog(s) here, please see How to Place a Dog Through GSRSV

 Last updated  03/24/2020







Either Foster or Permanent Home Sought


"Luna" is an approx 3-yo spayed female GSD mix who is very loving, active and entertaining. Luna loves interaction with humans of all ages and is gentle even with babies and young children. She is fine with strangers both in her home and out on walks.


For the most part, Luna gets along fine with the female German Shepherd that she lives with. However, Luna wants to the alpha dog and has fought several times with the other dog. [Note from GSRSV: Luna’s behavior towards the other female dog is likely due to what I call “gender jealousy”; it’s not uncommon for two female GSDs/mixes living together to have intense rivalries.]


Luna was apprehensive at first when visiting with the dogs at GSRVs rescue ranch, but soon became quite comfortable around them. (See video at It’s likely Luna has not been socialized much with other dogs during her life. Based on what I observed at the rescue ranch, I think Luna would be fine at a dog park. I also believe she’ll be fine living w/ a confident male dog.


Luna’s owner Katie does not know how Luna is with cats, so she’s seeking a home with no cats for her.


Luna is fully housetrained and non-destructive indoors. Katie keeps her in a crate when she’s gone, but that’s to keep her separate from her other dog so there are no fights. Luna sleeps either in her crate—which she loves—or in the main part of the house.


It’s not known if Luna has received any obedience training. She does respond well to basic commands “sit, down, off, and go out.” Luna walks fine on leash but does pull to check out smells along the way. She is also very reactive towards other dogs when walking on leash.


Luna loves rides in the car. She’s not crazy about toys, but entertains herself (and others) by chasing and jumping for flying bugs.


Katie and her family adopted Luna from the Yuba County Shelter in October 2019. The family is sadly seeking a new home for Luna due to the fighting between Luna and their other dog.


There is no adoption fee for Luna, but prospective adopters must meet the following requirements:

    * Loving family with or without children;
* Luna must live indoors and have a lot of room to run and play outside;

Yard must have adequate fencing (at least 6 feet high with no holes). 

Please contact Katie Keith at either or 530-749-2129 (Yuba County).

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Adopted March 13!

"Ryker" is a 4-yo, 77-lb intact male German Shepherd who is loving and very attention-driven.

Ryker is friendly with people of all ages, including young children. He is fine with visitors to his home, though he does alarm-bark appropriately. He is also fine meeting people outside of the house.

Ryker is good with other dogs and loves to chase and be chased. He is also good with cats!

Ryker is fully housetrained. He will whine at the door when he needs to go out. He is presently staying in a house with a dog door. Ryker typically sleeps on the floor at the base of the bed, but is happy to get up on the bed if allowed.

Ryker received basic obedience training as a puppy. He obeys several commands, including “sit, lay, shake, all the way down, over, soft (when getting a treat), and side (when walking on or off leash). Ryker walks very well on leash; though he does get excited when he sees other dogs, he settles down quickly w/ just a verbal command.

Ryker enjoys car rides and is a polite passenger. He loves balls but is not really big on playing fetch; he prefers just running around and exploring.

Ryker is in good health but suffers from allergies that cause him to have dry, itchy skin. Ryker is presently on a prescription diet (Hills d/d Potato & Salmon formula for skin & food sensitivities) that has helped his condition. See

Ryker’s owner Noel brought him home when he was about 6 months old. He is sadly seeking a new home for him because he’s going through a divorce and has had to move into a place that does not allow Ryker. Noel is presently keeping Ryker at a friend’s house in Rancho Cordova but the friend can only keep Ryker for a short time.

Noel is not asking for an adoption fee for Ryker, but is requiring that whoever adopts Ryker have him neutered. To ensure that Ryker’s adopter follows through with having him neutered, Noel (at GSRSV’s insistence) is asking for a $300 deposit, to be refunded after Ryker is neutered.

Please contact Noel Lukas at either or 916-400-1994.

Posted 2-24-20

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"Piper" is a nearly 3-yo, 70-lb spayed female GSD mix who is loving, energetic and goofy.


Piper is wonderful with grown-ups; she happily greets anyone by rolling over in hopes of a belly-rub. She has not been raised around children and is unsure of young children with lots of energy.


Piper does fine with most male dogs but has tried to assert dominance over most feamle dogs she meets. She has fought more than once with the elderly female Australian Shepherd she lives with. Both Piper's owner and I feel that Piper would be fine with a male dog near her own size who likes to play.


Piper loves giving chase to the two cats she lives with, but has never shown any aggression towards them. Piper's owner feels that Piper would be fine w/ a dog-savvy cat who does not run from her.


Piper is fully housetrained. She stays outside primarily when her people are gone, but they do keep her inside in a gated area during the day when the weather is inclement. Piper sleeps inside a crate at night.


Piper has received formal obedience training from two trainers. She obeys all of the basic commands like “sit, down, and place.”


Piper is an eager walker and will pull on the leash unless being reminded to heel. She gets very excited when seeing other dogs and will try to pull towards them. She walks best with the use of a prong collar.


Piper loves to ride in the car. She jumps right in when her owners open the back hatch. She has no issues with car sickness. 


Piper will play fetch only if the ball squeaks. She loves any sort of toy that squeaks. She also loves bones and chew toys. 


Piper’s owners have had her since she was 11 weeks old. They are now seeking a new home for her due to Piper’s continued aggressive behavior towards their older female Australian Shepherd.


A $200 rehoming fee is requested for Piper.


Please contact Shelby Root at or (530) 613-0205  for more info about Piper and to schedule a meet & greet. Piper is located in Roseville.


Posted 2-12-20


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