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Sometimes unforeseen circumstances force German Shepherd owners to seek a new home for their dog(s). This page serves to link such individuals with potential new owners--and to help prevent the tragedy of owners surrendering their pets to a shelter.

GSRSV is not involved in the adoption process of dogs listed on this page. Individuals interested in adopting a dog listed below should contact the owner directly at the phone number or e-mail listed. Because GSRSV is has not evaluated the dogs listed here, I cannot take responsibility for their temperament or health.

If you are an owner interested in listing your German Shepherd Dog(s) here, please see How to Place a Dog Through GSRSV

 This picture indicates that a dog has proven itself to be OK with cats.


Last updated  07/25/2021

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"Rocky" is a stunning 110-lb, 8-yo neutered male GSD who is energetic, protective and adventurous.

Rocky Is protective (barks) when first meeting strangers in the house. After a newcomer has spent more time in the house he warms up to them. He does not have issues with people who return after their first visit.

Rocky has been well-socialized with people throughout his life and has always been fine with people in neutral settings such as campgrounds. However, over the last year he has become increasingly reactive towards strangers. For example, this year he charged at a woman who came into the campground where his family was camping. He was on a lead and nothing became of it, but this kind of behavior used to be unusual for Rocky; now it’s the norm.

Rocky grew up with children and likes them, but not in groups. He can become nervous and growl if surrounded or closed in by large groups of kids.

Rocky does great with other dogs, both large and small. He’s a veteran of dog parks and enjoys playing with other dogs.

Rocky is NOT good with cats.

Rocky is housetrained but has been primarily an outdoor dog his entire life. He is brought inside when it is extremely hot or cold but otherwise remains outdoors.

Rocky never received any formal obedience training but is responsive to his people. He walks well on leash with a prong collar but pulls strong without it. Rocky is non-reactive to other dogs that he sees when on walks.

Rocky loves riding in a vehicle and is a good passenger. He enjoys playing fetch with sticks and toys but prefers to play keep-away rather than bring them back to you. Rocky loves water, whether it’s swimming or being sprayed by the hose.

Rocky’s people purchased him from a breeder when he was a young puppy. They are now reluctantly seeking a new home for him because Rocky has become overly-protective during the past year and they are concerned that he might bite somebody. Further, they are now uncomfortable bringing him to places with people around where Rocky used to be fine, such as dog parks. He is a loyal, good-natured dog who has developed some troubling behaviors mid-life--behaviors that shouldn't pose a problem in a different environment.

Rocky is located in Yuba City. Per GSRSV’s policy a $100 rehoming fee is required to adopt Rocky.

Contact Daniel Underwood at or 530-300-0142.


Posted 7-24-21

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Meet Izabela (Izzy). She is a nearly five year old spayed female German shepherd who loves people--her kisses are abundant! Izzy has been with the same owner since she was eight weeks old. She is healthy and up to date on all shots. (All vet records are available)


Izzy is smart, well trained, and obedient; among her talents are the ability to go to the bathroom on command, as well as sit, lay, and stay. She will sit patiently for treats, only drooling a little. Izzy is crate trained, and her crate will stay with her.


Izzy is best suited to be the only dog in the family. Despite being socialized with other dogs as a puppy as well as an adult, she is socially awkward--though well meaning.


Izzy has been raised with and is very friendly with the family cat.


Izzy has never destroyed furniture or chewed anything but toys.


Sadly, I'll soon be moving to a community that does not allow GSDs and thus the reason I need to find her a new home. She will be greatly missed as she is a much loved member of the family. 


Izzy currently lives in Wilton, south of Elk Grove. $100 rehoming fee applies.


Contact Lynette Roberts at or


Posted 7-13-21

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"Pinot" is a 55-lb, 11-mos old (born 7-27-20) intact female GSD/Belgian Malinois/??? who is energetic, happy and eager to please. She adores attention and being handled. Pinot's mother is a GSD mix and her father a Belgian Malinois/GSD.

Pinot is friendly with strangers when properly introduced but is quite protective otherwise. She has had limited contact with young children but has done well with those that she has met.

Pinot wants to play with some dogs but will chase and challenge others. She gets along great w/ her female littermate GSD. She is NOT good with small dogs.

Pinot is also NOT good with cats.

Pinot is fully housetrained and will even pee on command when outside. Her person (Diedre) presently keeps her in a crate if she’s gone for more than an hour. Pinot also sleeps in her crate.

Diedre has spent considerable time training Pinot. Pinot responds to multiple commands, including “sit, stay, wait, be still, get in, look at me, where's the toy?, bring it, give it up, and lie down. Diedre makes Pinot sit and wait when she goes through doors and before she lets her into her car. (Click here for a video of Pinot & her mother obeying Deidre's commands.) Pinot must also sit patiently before receiving a treat. Pinot is very food-motivated so training her is not difficult.

Pinot has not spent much time on leash, so it’s hard to say how her leash-walking skills are. Off-leash, she has fairly good recall.

Pinot rides well In a vehicle. She loves to play fetch.

Diedre purchased Pinot from a private party when Pinot was eight weeks old. She is now seeking a home for Pinot because she has a degenerative bone disease and is not able to handle two young GSDs.

Because Pinot has yet to be spayed, GSRSV and Diedre are requiring Pinot’s adopter to pay Diedre a $300 spay deposit. This deposit will be refunded as long as Pinot is spayed within sixty days of adoption.

Pinot is located in Magalia, in the Buttes east of Chico.

Please contact Diedre Higgins at 707-281-5999 or

Posted 7-3-21


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